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Posted: févr. 28, 2022

Motion Designer

We are looking for a Motion Designer to join spark*’s growing creative team. Reporting directly to the Executive Creative Director, you would develop and oversee ideation and development of original motion media assets.

You should love making stunning animated sequences, silky smooth transitions, applying creative techniques and experimenting, you have the skills and expertise to work fast, but the patience and passion to build something beautiful. You should have experience executing motion projects from conception to production and a love for the craft of storytelling through video and motion design. You should have pride for your work.


  • General animation and animation techniques
  • Strong 2D animation techniques (Comps, Nulls, Animation Curves, Effects…etc.)
  • Fair to Strong 2.5D animation techniques (Cameras, moving 2D objects in 3D space to achieve unique effects and perspectives, lenses, lighting)
  • Ability to work with type and animate text.
  • Strong ability to incorporate live action video and sound/music and add effects/elements to enhance motion graphics
  • Able to take static mock-ups and storyboards and use them to build animated sequences.
  • Ability to visualize and develop original animation direction and provide recommendations based on your skills and experience, as well as follow animation direction.
  • Ability to storyboard concepts and explain animation direction
  • Strong skills in: Adobe AfterEffects, Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Exporting media assets in various formats optimizing for file size and quality.
  • Importing various media assets and working with them efficiently (from low res assets to professional assets)
  • Some ability and understanding of colour correction tools and techniques (colour grading, effects, corrections, etc.)
  • Some ability and understanding of sound engineering (volumes, noise reduction, working with voice-overs, mixing and mastering etc.)
  • Familiarity with Office software such as (Word, Powerpoint, Pages, Keynote, etc.)
  • Strong aesthetic skills with the ability to self-critique and refine
  • Attention to detail


  • Prepare design plan, concept and layout for motion graphic project
  • Develop original motion graphics using a combination of original illustration, stock illustration, photography text and other media assets.
  • Able to work in a fast-paced environment, have skills and techniques that allow you to meet tight deadlines and have good project and time management skills
  • The ability to work independently and/or partner with other creative team members and key stakeholders.
  • Ability to create content used across a variety of platforms (social, web, mobile, out-of-home, broadcast, etc.)
  • Communicate clearly and collaborate with others
  • Meet with clients, internal and external, to understand needs and share ideas
  • Assist in selecting audio and video assets.
  • Participate in brainstorming session to share new design perspectives and ideas.
  • Maintain and follow best practices for versioning control, naming convention and organization of graphic files.
  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge about latest motion design and video techniques.
  • Ensure compliance with company guidelines and design standards.


  • Proven work experience as a Motion Designer
  • Portfolio of completed work showing the range of your skills with clear attribution of your role(s) in each piece and where others helped.
  • College or University diploma in a related area of study or be able to demonstrate sufficient experience in lieu of a certificate.
  • Minimum of 3 years of experience

Bonus Points:

  • 3D Animation (modeling, lighting, textures, animation)
  • Experience with Adobe Animate (Adobe Flash)
  • Interest or background in Canadian politics, political causes, or civic engagement.

Does this sound like you? Send an email and let’s talk adrian@sparkadvocacy.ca