Axe the Tax?

Conservatives say killing it will save people money, others say it’s an essential in the fight against climate change. Here’s how it lands with voters.

  • Half say the federal carbon tax policy makes them more likely to support the Liberals because it is about fighting climate change. Half say they are more drawn to the Conservatives' promise to abolish the tax believing that this will save them money.
  • There’s a 7-point urban-rural divide. And an 8 point younger-older divide. Younger, urban voters are more persuaded of the need for the carbon price. Carbon pricing has political upside for the Liberals in Quebec, but in other parts of the country the results are more mixed: downside as evident as upside.
  • Two thirds of NDP voters say it draws them towards the Liberals, but only 51% of Green Party voters say the same thing.

Our take

The results describe the political dilemma for the Liberals. Voters are tempted by the promise of saving money, (many don’t know the exact impact of the price and rebate scheme), because the cost of living is painful. The Conservatives may not be winning many votes on the climate change issue, but they probably aren’t losing many by promising to abolish the tax. Liberals are expected to show leadership on climate, but avoid being seen as indifferent to the higher interest rates and rising food prices that are causing pain.

Sample size 3,000 nationwide, online, August 17-24.

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