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Goodbye data: It's not you, it's Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics will stop collecting all data for websites that have not migrated over to its latest version: Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

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Can an AI model write like a human? We asked ChatGPT.

Using AI programs to write content is an enticing option - but do these programs live up to human expectations of what content should look and sound like?

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Where AI meets entertainment: the NHL’s digitally enhanced boards

The National Hockey League made headlines this fall with the introduction of a brand-new system of ‘digitally-enhanced dasher boards,’ which uses AI-supported technology to replace physical in-arena advertising with virtual ones – in real time.

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AI in graphic design: can robots be artists too?

Did you see our national coffee day video? Those unique visuals for social media were designed using open-source artificial intelligence, a cutting-edge technology that is quickly taking over the world of experimental design.

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Problem? Short attention spans. Solution? Short content.

Video content accounts for over 80% of global online traffic. With decreasing attention spans and more content available than ever, short form video content is taking over the Internet.

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Get SERP-savvy: Navigating the world of paid and organic search

The SERP is the result of bots crawling every page of the web, collecting information from each page, and putting them into an index. You can think of this index like a giant library.

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Lights, camera, selfie! Two easy steps to make your selfie video better for production

In this blog, we’ll walk you through two easy ways to take your videos to the next level. All you need are two simple tools: a phone or a computer with a webcam and a light source.

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Advertising and advocacy on TikTok

The most popular app downloaded globally in 2020 and 2021, TikTok is an outstanding platform to reach consumers both through digital advertising and organic posting. With one billion active monthly users, organizations can use the platform’s unique algorithm to their advantage, potentially attracting an audience of millions.

IABC NY 2022

Insights from the IABC 2022 World Conference

The IABC World Conference brings together communications professionals from across the world to meet peers, learn from experts, and share information on the latest and greatest communication tools and trends.

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Don't forget to listen: why social listening should be a key part of your social media strategy

From guiding content strategy to gaining industry insights, social listening is an essential tool to ensure your organization is communicating effectively on social media.

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How to maximize your organic results on Facebook

The Facebook algorithm can be a bit of a mystery. We're here to help you decode the platform and test out new strategies to maximize your results.

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The importance of making a good first impression with political advertising

Political advertisements are critical to generate, modify, or reinforce political attitudes of voters by triggering emotional responses, leading to shifts in an individuals’ feelings and moods.

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Is O'Toole's brand strong enough to win the horse race?

Amid a rising 4th wave of COVID-19, the Liberals are again asking Canadian voters to trust the Trudeau brand. In what amounts to a referendum on his pandemic leadership, the election is essentially a two-horse race with respect to who can form government: Trudeau's Liberals and O'Toole's Conservatives.

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You can’t forget the social in social media

One of the many lessons we’ve learned over the past year and a half is just how reliant we are on the digital world. When COVID-19 kept us at home, the only way we could communicate with one another was through calls, emails, and social media – pushing us further into the digital norm.

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Communicating during COVID: Acknowledge the moment

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Communicating during COVID: Mood shift

A decline in interest around COVID-19 from the public, is showing a shift in mood not a lack of care.

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Communicating during COVID: Provide useful content

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Communicating during COVID: Ensure accuracy

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Communicating during COVID: Misinformation

Social media has created an easier way for conspiracy theories and misinformation to spread among the abundance of COVID-19 information out there these days. How you navigate that and what it means for your communications is the challenge.

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Communicating during COVID: Audit communications


#ELXN43 advertising rules

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Ontario's new election advertising rules

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Communicating during COVID: Language

We have all heard and used terms like “unprecedented” and “uncertain” and they reflected the situation, but we have moved beyond the initial response and so should your communications.


Who won the 2018 Super Bowl

The spark* team has a little fun picking, reviewing, and analyzing our favourite Super Bowl ads.

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Facebook's New Year's resolution