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Cai Yadav

Motion Designer


Meet Cai, a multi-talented visual artist specializing in storytelling through various mediums. With a keen passion for sketching people in public places, Cai creates captivating narratives that resonate with viewers.

Animation is close to Cai’s heart and is evident in their work, which reflects a problem-solving approach to storytelling. With expertise in 2D/3D animation, stop motion, illustrations, and generative art, Cai has collaborated with renowned clients such as MTV, Netflix, CBS, Dreamworks, Pepsi, and Disney. Constantly pushing creative boundaries, Cai has recently incorporated coding into their skill set, exploring ways to create visuals from music and gestures. Across television, cinema, advertising, exhibitions, live concerts, and generative art, Cai employs different visual mediums to communicate stories and is currently exploring AI art.