Communicating during COVID: Audit communications

What’s trending?

In March, search volume for topics relating to the pandemic grew as fast as the virus. Google ranks searches on an interest score of 0-100 based on volume and engagement. During the month this score skyrocketed.

Based on coronavirus searches, we see Canadians were looking to stay up to date, searching for the latest information, both local and international news, numbers infected, and symptoms.


If your organization hasn’t already, we recommend taking a look at all your communications content through the lens of this crisis. This includes both organic, such as social media content, website information, etc., and paid placements currently running, and planned for the near future. Think about the current headspace of your audience. What do they want to see and hear? Is this content going to make your organization look tone deaf or that you are acknowledging the extraordinary moment we find ourselves in and pushing out communications that your audience will find relevant?

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