71 Bank St., Suite 6,
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1P 5N2

we help boost your communications to connect, inform, persuade, surprise and spark a conversation.

our work

we are lucky to partner with some of Canada's most interesting associations, coalitions, charities, NGOs, and corporations. here is some of that work:

our dna

at our core we are storytellers. we believe in beautiful design and crisp messaging that combine to shape reputations, debates, create awareness, and spark action. our backgrounds in public affairs, research, design and marketing inform everything we do. from branding to infographics, from web design to video, from a small project to a full scale advertising campaign.

what we do

our team works with organizations of all shapes and sizes. Sometimes on one-off projects, often times on comprehensive campaigns. At the end of the day, if you need help telling your story, you've come to the right place.


Your story told well and told often to the people who matter most.

Strategic Counsel

We provide clients with the guidance and support to navigate their public affairs and advocacy needs.


Create one, improve one, reboot one. Brands communicate before you do. We help make them work harder.


Whether it's stock, original shoots, illustrative, we do it all. Motion evokes emotion. Let's move people.

Social Media Community Management

Let us run, or help you manage, your presence on social.

Content Creation

Blog posts, e-news letters, podcasts, speeches, op-eds. Content is King and we'll help you polish the crown jewels.

Media + Presentation Training

Our team has years of experience pitching media and presenting to stakeholders. Let us review the game tape with you and level up your skills.

Media Relations

We provide media monitoring and other media relations services, on demand.

Public Opinion Research

Research is knowing the road ahead instead of guessing.

Web Development + Hosting

Tell a deeper more engaging story, or re-do yours to reflect your real goals.

Infographics + Data Visualization

Tell a complex story or a short one. Either way, be sticky and simplify.

Collateral Material & Presentations

Let us create or refresh your leave-behinds + presentations to make your meetings work harder.


We provide the look + feel to make your next AGM, conference, reception or meeting memorable.

Annual Reports

Annual reporting is key to stakeholder engagement and support. We help boost your reporting.


There's power in numbers. We've got experience building and managing coalitions.


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71 Bank St., Suite 6,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada,
K1P 5N2