About us.

At our core we are storytellers, so let us tell you our story 🎤...


It all started
with a spark...

At the end of 2016, Perry Tsergas, Adrian Jean and Bruce Anderson founded spark*advocacy to reinvent the public affairs agency by infusing it with digital-first thinking and a devotion to beautiful, crisp design with a clever and strategic approach.

Since then, spark* has grown to service clients across Canada and the U.S., on campaigns targeted toward federal, provincial and municipal stakeholders, as well as segmented public audiences. In that time, we have developed a unique, best-in-class methodology for creating compelling, engaging and effective research based public affairs communications and marketing collateral.

The team we assembled combines decades of experience in Canadian politics + public affairs; communications, public relations + media relations; public opinion research; branding, graphic design, marketing, media buying, and web development.

When we are not obsessing over creative, current affairs or #cdnpoli, we are discovering new and even more clever ways to access strategic audiences on behalf of our clients.

So, what is it like to work with us? In three words; fun, focussed and fast. Fun because you need less stress, not more. Focussed because we always think and act strategically, and will always give you our best advice — and fast, because you need a comms partner that moves at your speed, not the other way around.

If you liked our story and think you might want help telling yours, drop us a line.