Communicating during COVID: Language

We have all heard and used terms like “unprecedented” and “uncertain” and they reflected the situation, but we have moved beyond the initial response and so should your communications.

During the pandemic, we’ve heard certain words or phrases repeated over and over again. When this began, organizations wisely were careful with the framing of their messages. Choosing terms like “unprecedented” and “uncertain” were safe and reflective of the situation. We have now moved beyond the initial response and so should your communications. Industries have pulled together and done incredible things, and that is the story Canadians want to hear. When words are overused and generic like this, they start to lose their meaning. Even our Prime Minister has been liberal with the use of the word “unprecedented.”


People don’t want to hear the same messages from every politician or organization they follow on social media. Just as they enjoyed a unique experience when interacting with your organization before the pandemic, they want that experience now.


What we recommend

Stay true to the voice of your organization!

Even when everyone is talking about the same thing, aim to make your messaging distinct. To identify whether or not you’re staying true to your voice, you can ask yourself, “If we remove our organization’s name from this content, will people still know it’s us?” Only 8% of people feel organizations should stop advertising or promoting their services during this time. Continue to share what you do, just make sure you remain sensitive to the situation we’re in.

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