Communicating during COVID: Ensure accuracy

What’s trending?

Here at spark* we’ve been working with the Canadian Medical Association, The College of Family Physicians of Canada, and the Royal College of Family Physicians and Surgeons of Canada on a campaign answering COVID-19 related questions asked by you, the Canadian public. With misinformation everywhere it is important that people can find trusted sources for information. The website is simple, user friendly, and updated frequently to make sure all information is current.

Visit it here:


There is a lot of misinformation being spread right now and it is important that as an organization you are sharing fact-based information. Delivery should be presented simply and clearly. Canadians want to know the latest updates, however, it can be overwhelming to sift through everything that is out there.

Social media channels are trying to limit the spread of misinformation on their platforms, for example in March alone, Facebook flagged roughly 40 million COVID-related posts that included misinformation. We can all do our part by ensuring we are spreading accurate and fact-based information, so we can overcome this together. Share content from credible sources and take that extra second to check your source before you click “post”.

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