Communicating during COVID: Provide useful content

What’s trending?

Our society is changing right now. It’s important for organizations to stay up to date on what is important to their audience so they can create content that aligns with this. Know what is relevant. Following search trends online is a great way to monitor these changes.

chartr newsletter April 1, 2020


Provide useful content!

It’s important your organization’s content acknowledges the current COVID-19 situation, but that doesn’t mean it has to be about that directly. The world has changed and so have people's needs. Show your audience that you understand the situation and will continue to provide value through your communications. Do you have tips for people who are new to working from home? How is your organization changing its behaviour to adapt to the crisis? Perhaps you came across a good work-out video and want to share that with your followers? Now is not the time for another hand washing reminder. Instead try and think creatively and consider what your key audiences really want to see.

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