Navigating social media: Five tips for advocacy and awareness

Social media has evolved beyond a space for sharing personal updates; these days it is also a dynamic tool for advocacy and awareness.

To help your organization stand out amongst the noise, we've put together five tips for navigating the social media landscape in 2024.


1. Harness the power of AI

2023 was all about experimenting with new AI tools. This year, the focus will be on how AI can make work more efficient. By finding ways to integrate AI into your workflow, it can be a timesaver for tasks like idea generation, editing, and refining copy.


2. Focus on entertainment

Users are increasingly turning to social media for entertainment. If you’re a non-profit, industry association, or other B2B organization, providing entertainment in the traditional sense may sound challenging. Instead, create content that’s designed to pique interest, looking at your social media analytics to see which content streams and styles perform best. Even if the topic you’re discussing is serious, it can be presented in a way that captivates interest.


3. Embrace the power of video

Video remains the key driver of engagement on social media. For many, the idea of creating videos can be daunting. It’s important to remember though, users are looking for authenticity. An informative video which captures attention can be as valuable on social media as one that is professionally produced.


Another component of a successful video strategy is choosing the right platforms. There is little benefit in creating a great video if you post it on a social network that the bulk of your audience doesn’t typically use.

Wondering who your ideal audience is, or the platforms they’re most active on? We can help. spark*’s social media team can capture your key audiences where they’re already engaged. If you’re looking to reach politicians, industry leaders, the media, or Canadians who care about your cause, get in touch.


4. Lead conversations + prioritize community management

Don't underestimate the importance of community management in fostering a sense of connection. Actively participating in discussions will help strengthen your organization's online presence and ensure your followers stay engaged with the conversations you want to lead.


5. Implement social media SEO

Social media platforms are increasingly being used as search engines. By incorporating social media SEO strategies, you can reach the audiences who primarily use social media to discover the latest news and information.


Parting thoughts

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, adaptability is key. We know you’re busy, but with these time-saving best practices in your toolkit, you can dedicate more of your energy to a social media strategy that works for you.

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