If Canada were the 51st US state, we would rank about 51st in support for Donald Trump

Sept 20, 2023

To understand the 15% of Canadians who like Donald Trump, here’s what we know:

  • They are about five years younger than the national average. Two thirds are men. They are more common in Alberta and Ontario, less in Quebec.
  • 54% say they are right of centre. Three out of four (77%) would consider voting Conservative in the next Canadian election; only a quarter (26%) would consider voting Liberal. Today, 59% would vote for Conservative, 15% Liberals, and 11% for the People’s Party. Trump Canadians are down on Justin Trudeau -43, up on Pierre Poilievre +63.
  • While Trump may have stopped using Twitter, Trump Canadians haven’t: 40% use Twitter, 24% have dropped it. And 71% use Facebook, while 20% have stopped.
  • If asked to vote for Biden or Trump right now, 30% would cast a ballot for Trump, twice as many as say they like him, a reflection of how people feel about Biden. Still, if Canada were the 51st state, we would probably be among the “bluest” of states, as more than 30% of Americans voted for Trump in every state in 2016.

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