Suspicions about the Government of India are widespread, and most think the Government of Canada has taken the right approach with respect to killing of Hardeep Nijjar.

Oct 25, 2023
  • One in five Canadians appear convinced the Government of India had something to do with the killing of a Canadian citizen, and another 28% feel that was probably the case. Another third (35%) think it is possible that India was involved. Only 18% are convinced this didn’t happen.
  • Differences by partisanship are modest. Among Liberal voters 88% feel the Indian government possibly, probably or did have some involvement in the killing, as do 81% of Conservative voters, 89% of NDP voters and 83% BQ voters.

  • Differences by region are also limited. Among BC residents, 86% feel the Indian government possibly, probably or did have some involvement in the killing, as do 81% of Alberta voters, 83% in Ontario, and 80% in Quebec.

  • A majority (58%) think the federal government has taken the right approach in calling on the Indian government to investigate this killing, and 42% say this was the wrong approach.

  • In BC and Alberta, opinion on the federal government’s approach was more evenly divided, while in Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada no less than 60% endorse the government’s approach.
  • The majority of Liberal (79%), BQ (65%), and NDP (63%) voters think the government of Canada has taken the right approach. 41% of Conservatives are convinced the government acted properly and 59% feel the government did not.


Our take

"Now that several weeks have passed since the Prime Minister made this situation known to the public, opinion has had an opportunity to settle," said Bruce Anderson, Chief Strategy Officer at spark*. "Given that most people think the government is on the wrong path generally, these results suggest that the handling of the India allegation has done no harm to the reputation of the Trudeau government in terms of Canadian public opinion. However shocking the allegations were when they first came to light, most people think it at least possible that the allegations have merit, and many think it is probable or certain."

“Canadians are telling us they want to see more investigation into these extremely serious allegations,” said Alex Kohut, Senior Director of spark*insights. “The Government’s decision to take a strong stance against India has made waves on the international stage, but it is an approach that a majority of Canadians feel was necessary.”

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