3 in 4 Canadians want the CBC – just not “as is”

Our latest survey shows only one quarter of Canadians want the CBC shut down, but there is a lot of desire for change.

Jan 11, 2024

Our latest survey results show that most Canadians don’t want to see the CBC shut down, but fewer than half think it is fine the way it is today. We offered respondents a choice between three alternative opinions about the CBC (“which of these is closer to your view of the CBC”): It’s important and should continue doing what it’s doing; I want a CBC but I’d like to see a lot of changes; I don’t think the CBC is really needed or useful any more. Our findings:

  • 41% said the CBC is important and should continue doing what it’s doing.
  • 35% said they want a CBC, but with a lot of changes.
  • 24% said the CBC is no longer needed or useful.
  • 28% of those who identify as on the right of the spectrum say the CBC is no longer needed, and 33% of current Conservative Party voters feel that way.
  • Younger people are least likely to want the CBC abolished but are also the age group most likely to say they want a lot of changes.
  • Doing away with the CBC is supported by 27% in Alberta, 24% in Quebec and 22% among French speakers.

Our Take

According to Bruce Anderson: “Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has indicated he would defund the CBC – although the specifics of what he is proposing are not yet clear. These numbers reveal that the CBC has weaker than ideal public support, but that much of what dissatisfaction exists is better understood as a desire for change, rather than abolition, of this institution.”

The data referenced were gathered online, with a representative sample of 2175 adults across Canada, between the dates December 15, 2023 and December 27, 2023.

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