Millions of Canadians use - and like - music streaming services

Two-thirds of Canadians are using audio streaming services, and these users tend to be satisfied with their streaming experience.

Jan 23, 2024

On behalf of the Digital Media Association, which represents leading music streaming services, spark*insights conducted public opinion research among a representative sample of 2,175 adults in Canada, in December 2023. Here’s what we found:

  • Two out of three Canadians use a music streaming service, including 32% who have a paid subscription. 40% use a free music streaming service (respondents were allowed to indicate if they use both a free and a paid service). One in three (35%) do not use music streaming.
  • The level of satisfaction with music streaming services is remarkably high – 45% say they are very satisfied and another 41% say they are satisfied with the streaming service they use most often. Only 2% indicate they are dissatisfied.
  • Young people are the biggest users of music streaming - among those under 30 years old, 91% use a music streaming service. Satisfaction levels among this group are right on the national average, at 85%. The proportion who are very satisfied rises to 51% among this younger demographic – 6 points above the national average.
  • It’s not only younger people who use these services: 40% of those who are 60 or older use music streaming, and 87% of them are satisfied with the service they use most often.
  • People of all income groups use and appreciate music streaming services. Use of free services is equal across income groups, illustrating that a free music service is helpful in meeting affordability challenges for those with less disposable income. Among the lowest income group in our survey sample, 39% used a free service, and 23% used a paid service. 85% were satisfied, only 1% dissatisfied.

Our Take

Bruce Anderson, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer of spark*advocacy: “Music has near universal appeal, and music streaming services have clearly built a solid and happy market in Canada – providing Canadians with easy access to an extraordinary quantity and range of music, through a variety of service offerings that appeal to people of different ages and with different levels of income. In a time when affordability is a top issue for many people, it’s clear that music streaming offers a way to afford the music they love to listen to.”

The data referenced were gathered online, with a representative sample of 2175 adults across Canada, between the dates December 15, 2023 and January 27, 2024.

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