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Farshad Ershadi

Media Planning and Digital Advertising Analyst


Farshad, originally from Iran, has grown through the ranks to become a knowledgeable Media Buyer and Marketing Analyst.

His journey began in the precise world of engineering, where he developed a keen eye for data, which later steered him towards marketing—a field where he believes in letting data lead the way. His career has taken him from versatile roles in startups to a significant learning experience as a Media Buying Consultant for Meta, where he managed important campaigns and gained insights from some of North America's leading marketers.

Currently, Farshad is exploring the new frontiers of AI in marketing, keen on understanding how it can make marketing smarter and more effective. While he's become proficient in using tools like Facebook and Google ads and has a solid grasp on mobile app marketing, he remains a learner at heart, always seeking to improve and innovate. Beyond work, Farshad finds joy and inspiration in video games and hiking, which help him stay balanced and invigorated.