spark*video & motion

Video is captivating, engaging, and also a powerful and effective tool for advocacy.

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of businesses use video as a marketing tool.


of marketers say video helps increase their understanding.


of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic.


We have extensive experience in creating video assets of all kinds — from bespoke longer form and impactful storytelling to short animated explainers and interactive displays. We have the talent and technology to make video a powerful tool for your needs.


What video assets can we create for you?


Live Action

Live action helps bring real people, places, and authentic experiences to your screen. Whether it’s a filmed brand story on set with actors, an interview series, or supplemental footage, live action can do a lot.


Original Footage

Original content guarantees an authentic and unique outcome that will not be duplicated. This is an opportunity to choose where, what, and who is being filmed. If you want to work with actors, or your own company members, on a film set, or in any location across the country, we will gladly take the saddles and produce that.


Stock Footage

Should filming be beyond your scope, we can work with stock footage. With our access to a vast network of talented creators from around the world, we can source professionally filmed videos that are on brand and budget.


Do-It-Yourself (with a little help)

With the current trend in DIY live action filming, we can direct, support, and edit your filming to ensure you're best portraying your story while keeping that self-made approach.


Motion Design

Motion Design and animation can visualize abstraction and offer infinitely unique visuals to help express your key messages and showcase your brand stories.

Motion Design can simplify complex ideas and processes through the use of animated icons, illustrations, characters, infographics, graphs, charts, etc. It is generally more modular than live action since we can constantly create, add, remove, and update content without having to book actors and sets.


Our typical video process

Every brand video is different, but spark* has a process which ensures that no matter how unique your vision is, we check all the boxes on creating an engaging and impactful video.


1. Kickoff and Research


2. Concept and Styleframes


3. Storyboard


4. Production


5. Delivery