Peter Mansbridge joins team at spark*advocacy as senior counsel

Veteran Canadian journalist Peter Mansbridge has been named senior counsel at Ottawa-based marketing and communications firm spark*advocacy.

Publsihed On Nov 08, 2023

Veteran Canadian journalist Peter Mansbridge has been named senior counsel at Ottawa-based marketing and communications firm spark*advocacy.

Mansbridge is perhaps best known as former chief correspondent of CBC News and anchor of The National.

“So many people know him from beaming into their TV sets on the evening news,” spark*advocacy CEO Perry Tsergas said. “There’s this sort of instant familiarity and comfort, this trust, that comes from his name. But he’s also uniquely exposed and experienced on Canadian media, how to access it and how to navigate it.”

As senior counsel, Mansbridge will work with clients and staff on an as-needed basis to provide advice on marketing strategies, Tsergas told OBJ.

“This is a very unique value proposition,” he said. “I think the ability for both clients and colleagues alike to lean into and access Peter’s expertise and knack for storytelling is going to be a huge competitive advantage for both and, frankly, a lot of fun.”

Bruce Anderson, founding partner and chief strategy officer at spark*advocacy, echoed Tsergas’s enthusiasm.

“Peter and I have talked about the opportunity to do more work together for many years and I am delighted that we are going to collaborate this way now,” he said in a news release. “I learn a lot and get a lot of satisfaction working with our talented team and I know he will enjoy the same experience. He’ll strengthen the quality of our advice, our creative, research and media service offerings, and help grow the knowledge base of our team.”

Mansbridge has received multiple awards and honorary doctorates in Canada and the U.S. and was named to the Order of Canada in 2008.

He hosts the political podcast The Bridge on SiriusXM satellite radio. His writing includes a weekly newsletter, The Buzz, for His fourth book, “How Canada Works,” is set to be released by Simon and Schuster in November. He is a distinguished fellow at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

“Journalistic integrity and thought-provoking storytelling are more important than ever,” said Mansbridge in a news release. “And while my career in a newsroom is behind me, my focus on accuracy, credibility and depth still anchor my overall concerns.”

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