Level up your organic communications strategy with email

Looking for ways to elevate your organic communications strategy? Email marketing could be your missing piece.

This low-cost way of reaching your audience ensures your message is heard by the people who are excited to hear it. Below are a few reasons email is one of our favourite ways to get in touch.

Builds a line of direct contact

With 4 billion daily email users, email has a higher chance of being seen by your audience than other forms of communication. It’s always delivered straight to their inbox, so you don’t have worry about content cutting through the noise of other channels. This nurtures long-term relationships with your clients, customers, or members by keeping your organization top of mind.

Amplifies your content’s reach

Email is an easy way to promote other organic content like blogs or videos. Linking these back to your website can help drive website traffic. You can also track and analyze clicks, to understand what types of content your audience resonates with.

Personalization opportunities

Maybe you already have an email newsletter set up, but are looking to take it to the next level. Consider segmenting your audience and personalizing your messages based on demographics, interests, and past interactions (such as clicks or purchases). By delivering tailored content unique to each subscriber, you can drive better results for your campaigns. Segmented emails result in 30% more opens and 50% more link clicks than unsegmented ones.

Many email platforms allow you to build custom flows, sending your subscribers a unique sequence of emails based on their actions. This is a great way to welcome new subscribers, thank customers for their purchases, or encourage them to revisit your website. These flows work: More than 8 out of 10 people will open a welcome email, generating 4x as many opens and 10x as many clicks as other email types.

Your opportunities don’t end there - email platforms also often allow for A/B testing. Put simply, A/B testing allows you to send two versions of the same email that differ slightly. This your best bet for testing which headlines, preview text, or even images lead to higher open and click rates.

While there are plenty of platforms that can help you develop and send email content, our favourite is Klaviyo. We love it for its advanced personalization abilities, integration ecosystem, and detailed analytics reporting. In fact, spark* is an official Klaviyo partner, with access to expanded integrations and opportunities. So, whether you’re planning to launch a newsletter or developing an email strategy, we’d be more than happy to lend a helping hand. Reach out to us here.

Parting Thoughts

TLDR: If you’re not using email, you’re missing out. It’s the best way to reach your audience directly, provide personalized communication, and encourage engagement with your content.

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