Research & insights that bring clarity and build leverage.


Advocacy and communications, today more than ever, rely on knowledge and insight, so that opportunities and avenues can be illuminated. Compounding this need is the fact that online digital echo chambers can cloud judgment, wasting critical resources and time.


spark*Insights offers innovative measurement tools for digital advocacy and reputation, specifically tailored to clients in the field of public affairs communication and reputation management.

Our unique approach will help illuminate the current context, track movement over time, and provide insights that can inform what moves to make, and more importantly, when to make them.


Leading our research team is Bruce Anderson.

As a founding partner in spark*advocacy, Mr. Anderson brings decades of experience in public opinion polling and market/reputation research. He has advised some of Canada’s most significant organizations during times of change, uncertainty and crisis, as well as aided associations, NGOs, charities and corporations to support growth, reputation, advocacy and ESG activities through thorough research and thoughtful analysis.


Some of our high level services and products:

  • Reputation Tracking and Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Market and Issue Research
  • Public and Niche Opinion Polling
  • Crisis Management

Let spark*insights help you break out of the bias bubble and learn valuable insights into the needs of your audience, the movement of the landscape, and find ways to take advantage of hidden opportunities.

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